How To Build Your Self Confidence

Me and myself: What you see is what you get (Self Deception)
photo credit: jcoterhals

Self confidence is one of the greatest attributes that you can have on your side, whether it is for business or personal life. The more self confidence you have the more likely it is that you will succeed in life and the more people that will look up to you as they see that you are confident and someone to follow. I recently read an article by Marshall Goldsmith at Harvard Business Review regarding boosting your self confidence that I feel everyone could benefit from.

Don’t worry about being perfect. There are never right or wrong answers to complex business decisions. The best that you can do as a leader is to gather all of the information that you can (in a timely manner), do a cost-benefit analysis of potential options, use your best judgment – and then go for it.

Take failure as it comes as a lesson learned rather than a giant road block that you can not get past. There may be times when you’re confused, frustrated or maybe even scared regarding a certain situation but the important thing is how you portray yourself on the outside to others. Always hold your head up and show confidence no matter what the situation is.

In the end I think we can all agree that everything we do in life and every decision we make is ultimately all about happiness as the end result, so show happiness in your work and everything you do!

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