Work Less And Do Better

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photo credit: ( Torsten )

Have you ever heard the phrase “are you working hard or hardly working?”, this article that I recently read on Open Forum talks directly about how you can actually work less in order to do better in your business.

Now it’s not that we are suggesting you don’t work at all and go on a 6 month vacation binge, we are merely suggesting that you work smarter rather than harder and thus obtain better results in doing so. So many people work way beyond their actual scheduled hours of operation. Some who normally are said to have a 40 hour work week actually end up putting in around 60 or more hours per week at the office and then continue working when they get home on their computer or blackberry.

Try having your employees take regular scheduled down time every week. This could be something such as no work, no computer, no phone contact what so ever with work and no blackberry usage one day a week  starting at their normal scheduled time off. This will seem irritating and inconvenient to most at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they become to like it and even begin reporting that while in the office they are more work done as well as seeing better work performance overall.

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