Small Business PR Plan For Today

Allotment Plan
photo credit: LoopZilla

Major media outlets are still important, but their importance has been diluted to some degree by a million bloggers and the flow of information that marches directly to the end user. Both of these trends spell opportunity for small businesses aiming to tap the awesome lead generation and customer loyalty building power of PR. Below are five steps that any small business can take to create a systematic approach to PR generation. As stated on Duct Tape Marketing.

Use  the heck out of networking, it is one of your most valuable tools in the PR world today. There are thousands of sites online with tons of people associated with them that are just sitting at your finger tips. So get on those sites and set up some social networks right away.

Take full advantage of letting everyone know through press releases your news, upcoming events and so on. You can do this monthly or if your prefer and have the information to do it more frequently then once a month you can.

Last but not least be sure to amplify your press releases, even if you have the smallest piece of news out there, there’s no reason why you still can’t make it seem huge to your company. Send out that press release, get on Twitter and post about it as well as other sites, maybe even try sending out some flyer’s regarding your news to your most loyal clients.

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