Here’s an ice cream scoop: The man unwittingly responsible for the invasion of Italian gelati here in Israel is none other than businessman Shmuel Flatto-Sharon (an ex-Knesset member and ex-convict, no relation to the prime minister). So says Yuval Maimon, a former Amdocs software engineer, who heard Flatto-Sharon on a local radio station while driving in his car two years ago. “A cab driver called in to the studio and said he wanted to be a millionaire, but he didn’t know how to begin. Flatto-Sharon shouted at him; `Get rid of the cab! Have you ever seen a millionaire driving a cab?’ I heard that and I said to myself: `Amdocs is my cab.’ I resigned the next day, took out a big loan and went into the Aldo chain.”

Maimon, who is 30-something, left a regular salary, an organized workday and even an “organized cultural program for the evenings,” and set out to realize an old dream. He became a partner in the Ramat Gan branch of the Italian ice cream chain, which at the time numbered 10 branches. Since then, three more Aldo ice cream stores have opened in Israel and a subsidiary chain, Tartufo, now has 12 branches here. Starting this week, Aldo ice cream is also available at the main branch of the Tiv Ta’am grocery chain in Rishon Letzion. Read more.