Despite a crippled economy, the Z-CoiL Footwear company has continued to make steady strides in the marketplace for two years running, expanding the size of its distributor network by 25% each year! From 164 U.S. retail locations back in May of 2008, Z-CoiL grew to 204 stores in May 2009, and now numbers 257 stores in May 2010, demonstrating an average growth rate of 25% over same two-year period that has been so disastrous for most businesses.

Although same-store sales have slowed throughout the Z-CoiL distributor network, more and more shoe retailers are recognizing the value of adding the Z-CoiL brand to their product offerings in order to appeal to a whole new category of consumers: people in pain.

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear is a unique brand of shoes specially engineered to relieve foot, leg and back pain. For 15 years, Z-CoiL has proven to be a pain-relief and pain-prevention solution for people who spend long hours on their feet, such as nurses, warehouse workers, retail staff, and teachers.