June 2010

Urawaza To The Rescue

Behind the cash register at Smoke Shop No. 2 in downtown San Francisco, Sam Azar swipes a customer’s credit card to ring up cigarettes. The store’s card reader fails to scan the card’s magnetic strip. Azar swipes again, and again. No luck. As customers begin to queue, he reaches beneath the counter for a black […]

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Made In America, With Pride

TampaBay.com: Everybody has dreams. Steve Granade’s is more streets like his own in Countryside that’s decked out with flags sprouting from two dozen curbside mailboxes. “I see waves of mailbox flags spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood,” said the 55-year-old hobbyist-inventor of a $4 stick-on bracket that makes it possible. “People turned to displaying the flag

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NBA Cooks Up Edible Logos

Wish you could get a Boston Celtics logo emblazoned across a pepperoni pizza that’s delivered right to your door? Or wish you could get a Los Angeles Lakers logo on the toast that pops out of your toaster? You can stop wishing. According to USA TODAY, the National Basketball Association has figured out what fans

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Zero Energy Homes Catch On

USA TODAY reports that homes are increasingly being built in the United States to use little or no energy, a trend that could help reduce U.S. dependence on oil and gas, according to a new book. Zero energy homes are becoming the new green,” says David Johnston, one of the nation’s leading experts on green

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