A reader asked: Have you ever heard of something called the Internet Time Machine? I think it has something to do with affiliate marketing, but what is it?

I’ve heard it said that in 2004, nine in ten affiliate marketing campaigns were profitable. In 2009, that number is down to one in ten. What happened in those 5 years?

In a nutshell, the Internet marketplace is now teeming with competition. There are so many people making a living online, that once open markets are now saturated. The only way to succeed now is to get a foothold in a strong market and strengthen as that market grows. If you jump into an already established market, it will be too competitive to rank organically unless you are an absolute master at search engine optimization. Even if you want to rank high in pay per click advertising, it is difficult because to some degree Google is merging pay per click with organic. This gives more established merchants much lower pay per click costs. So what does it all mean, is there any hope for you if you want to find a way to make money online? There is, but you need to see the next profitable niche coming before it explodes in popularity. But how is that possible?

Enter The Internet Time Machine. The Internet Time Machine is a series of high powered cloud computer networks that linked together to study internet keyword trends. It was a project that started 8 years ago cost over $250,000 to put together, and has been in testing for over two years now. Why two years? It was taken that long to gather the data they need to spot million dollar market movers. At any one time this series of computers charts the search trends AND RESULTS of over 40,000,000 keywords. The Time Machine can chart what words are grabbing more search volume every month, every week, every day, and every hour.