While it could be argued that some services tend to see a decline when people are trying to spend less, I think we can all agree that busy people who wear a lot of dry clean only clothing for business won’t stop using that service anytime soon. Where you have a busy person in need of clean clothing you also have the opportunity for a business.

Dry Cleaning Routes offers a wealth of information about dry cleaning delivery and how to start your own business in the industry. Also an entrepreneur who has seen success in the business, this website was created as a resource to show others how they can do what he has already done. Information is shared in the form of a free 3 part video series.

  • I’ll show you the 3 most popular ways to market your dry cleaning route business and go over the Pro’s and Con’s for each of the dry cleaning marketing methods.
  • Learn how to be in the dry cleaning route business even if you don’t own a dry cleaner. I don’t own a dry cleaner, but I do own 5 large dry cleaning routes you can do the same.
  • Get an inside look at the most popular and powerful dry cleaing route software available to run your dry cleaning delivery business. This software completly manages your day to day operations and even helps with your dry cleaning marketing activites!

Screenshot from Dry Cleaning Routes