When Mik Bushinski couldn’t quite find a summer job that would be flexible enough for his needs, he created one reports StarTribune.com.

So he took an interest-free loan from an uncle, bought a used minivan and some freezers, set up an order with an ice cream distributor in Minneapolis, and started Mik Mart Ice Cream. Start-up costs? About $6,000.

Last year, his first in the business, he made enough to pay for the minivan he converted into his first Mik-mobile. After buying another van and investing in more freezers and equipment, Bushinski expects the business will be in the black before summer is over. He wouldn’t share revenue, “but I will say that if you run a truck consistently and wisely, then you could expect $15,000 in sales.”

He spends 40 hours in the truck and another 10 or so hours behind the scenes weekly.

At 17, Bushinski already has experience in sales. Aside from the typical lemonade stand he set up on his driveway in the suburbs, Mik also used to sell items at boarding school “to make an extra couple dollars.” Ping pong paddles with a $3 mark-up, candy, mini-hockey sticks. One of his coaches coined the name “Mik Mart” for his fledgling business.

Photo by CharlotteSpeaks♥{Charlo tte.Morrall}