Quad City Business Journal:

Most of the guys are kicked back in plastic lawn chairs, swigging beers in Dan Sullivan’s backyard in East Moline.

They’re hungry, waiting for the sizzling beer-can chicken, steaks and brats to cook on the grill.

So, to pass the time, they commiserate about how often they mow their yards (the grass is growing so fast, with all this rain), brag about their beer refrigerators (every man needs one in his garage, they say) and talk about work (where they’re at, and where they’re going).

Sound like a typical guys’ night?

Nope. It’s a “MEATing,” hosted by the Quad-City area’s first Man Cave business adviser, 30-year-old Brett Hodges of Davenport.

Watch out, Mary Kay and Pampered Chef.

Much like the traditional in-home women’s sales model, which caters to groups of ladies who meet for parties and buy specialized products, Man Cave — founded about a year ago by 22-year-old Nick Beste and headquartered in Minnesota — now offers a similar business for men.

The company sells meats, grilling utensils, spices, rubs, wood chips, mini-keg dispensers, bottle openers and a whole lot of other guy-oriented products.

“They’ve got pretty much everything you desire for a man,” Hodges said with a smile.

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