Interchangeable ZIPZ Shoes

While many start-up companies start locally and grow into international markets, a small start-up company called ZIPZ Shoes did just the opposite. Facing a tough U.S. economy, ZIPZ immediately focused their energy abroad to widen the sales area for product launch.

This two-prong approach has really proved to be successful as their unique interchangeable shoe systems are now sold in over twenty-five countries including the United States, Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, The Philippines, Japan, Turkey, Cypress, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, U.A.E., Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, The United Kingdom, China, Yemen and Oman.

ZIPZ are the brainchild of Irvine-Calif.-based entrepreneur Jerry Stefani, who had the concept of creating different looks and styles with just one pair of shoes. ZIPZ went through a five-year research and development period to finalize the product for launch. “I wish it was as easy as simply putting a zipper on a shoe but it wasn’t,” says Stefani.

John Stefani:

Everyone is looking for something fresh, fun, and unique to bring some excitement back to the shoe market and ZIPZ is it.

The shoe is a completely original concept where shoe covers and soles are interchangeable with a patented, easy to use zipper design and technology. ZIPZ can be purchased as separate pieces in several different styles, pattern and colors giving individuals the freedom to design the shoe they want to wear each day. ZIPZ launch line is called Cali Classic with a price range of $15 – $80.

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