Oklahoma’s Rural-preneurs Learn Best Way To Survive

Tom Walker of NewsOK was recently speaking with Becky McCray, an entrepreneur and author who is working on a book about small town entrepreneurship.

“Every kind of business exists in rural and small town Oklahoma,” McCray says. “Ponca City has an attitude and openness to entrepreneurship and is known for recruiting entrepreneurs. Woodward, a town in cowboy country with a long history with energy production, has a major cluster of wind farms. Ditch Witch in Perry makes trenchers and earth moving equipment that are used all over the world.”

The rest of the country can learn from the experience of rural and small town entrepreneurs.

For example, since most nonmetro areas aren’t home to corporations, small town entrepreneurs are very self-reliant. “As a country, we’ve finding out that the nation can’t rely on corporations for jobs,” McCray said.

Small town entrepreneurs also know almost instinctively how to operate with limited resources. “You don’t have the option of being overcapitalized,” said McCray.

“Entrepreneurs build tougher, leaner businesses that aren’t overleveraged,” she said.

Photo by inyucho

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