BallStars is a sports-affiliated business that uses a proprietary technology to reproduce full color images on sports paraphernalia, such as baseballs, soccer balls, baseballs, hockey pucks, volleyballs, and footballs. In addition to the sports balls, the photographs can also be applied to other curved surfaces and materials.

Licensing a BallStars business offers plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the local sporting industry, from the professional world of sports teams to the local children’s league in the community, the BallStars opportunity is a popular and still fast-growing sports business that allows you to create high-quality, personalized products based on the needs of your customers, with a profit on average of $15 per sports ball.

The BallStars Heat Transfer Systems is sold as a complete turn-key business operation. The business can be operated from home with the opportunity to expand to a traveling business or a permanent retail store or kiosk.

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