While watching his father struggle to find affordable and effective advertising Clifton Cooper was inspired. He went to work and created a localized search engine called Coachella Valley Webpages. Now locals have a place to search when they want to find a new business to visit reports The Desert Sun.

The new local search platform is designed to meet all of the internet advertising demands of the local business owner, while appealing to the local consumer both functionally and visually. “In the Coachella Valley, the local consumer is the local business owner. It’s not good enough to please one and not please the other,” says Cooper. “While developing our website we knew it was imperative it be search effective, seamlessly functional, graphically appealing, and affordable for all businesses, whether a Fortune 500 company or a startup on a shoestring budget. CVWEBPAGES.COM has exceeded all requisite standards.”

It was shortly after graduating from Cal State Fullerton that Clifton began developing his local search concept. As a son of a small business owner, Clifton witnessed firsthand the ups and downs involved with owning a business. “When times got tough, it would have been helpful if my dad was able to advertise. Unfortunately, the costs outweighed the potential reward,” says Clifton. “All advertising is hit and miss. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to see what’s going to work and what’s not. Businesses need to be in total control. From the message they send, to the frequency at which they change their message, it should be completely up to them. With CVWEBPAGES.COM businesses are able to do that.”

Screenshot from Coachella Valley Webpages

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