Madison Ave. Media, Inc. today initiated a pre-launch of their direct sales component, WiCoup. In the first few days, this dynamic new subsidiary has already begun signing hundreds of top organizations from around the country in the direct sales industry. Representatives from these organizations will market text-messaged coupons to millions of local businesses through TeCoup, Madison Avenue Media’s mobile solutions subsidiary.

“Our national team of direct sales representatives will introduce the world’s first national search engine for both textable coupons and deals launched via SMS mobile texting,” Chairman Stephen Molinari explained.

“Using WiCoup, consumers will be able to text in a product or service, such as pizzas or groceries, or simply request a list of local companies offering coupons,” Molinari pointed out. “Consumers will receive a free list of at least three deal choices from which to choose, along with GPS directions to the locations.

“Each day, Americans send more than 5 billion text messages,” Molinari continued. “At Madison Ave. Media, our patent-pending TeCoup digital coupon technology-based services bring advanced, highly productive marketing, communications and advertising solutions to our clients. Our services address the complete digital media value chain, combining the best practices of comprehensive media solutions, accelerated by the power of technology.”

Logo from WiCoup