Being Safe Online

We all know what kind of danger lurks around the corner every time you turn on your computer at home or at the office. We have all seen the television commercials advertising predators and way’s to protect yourself from them. With all of the way’s to steal your identity, credit and personal information, it should be your number one priority to protect yourself online at all times.

There are many prodcuts that you can download online for free or for a small fee that will protect your computer. There are many stores including Target, Wal-mart and Meijer that also sell these products. With all the way’s to get your hands on these items that will keep you from going through a disaster down the road there is no reason why you shouldn’t be protecting yourself and your computer.

No matter how you choose to protect your computer, Verizon’s in-house security expert said, “An organization needs to address their IT security throughout their company at every layer. While cost cutting is what every company — particularly, the smaller ones — strives for these days, it’s important to not cut security. It’s a surefire way to kill a business. We can work with small businesses to help them make the most of their existing and limited resources to secure their information assets and to help protect their business.” Business Forums.

Verizon offers their Verizon Internet Security Suite for small businesses which will protect you from Internet predators on every site you may go to. McAfee also offers a program that is sold in stores as well as down loadable online. Norton antivirus is a very common program that thousands of people use in order to protect their computer. No matter what program you choose to use, the bottom line is that you absolutely need to protect yourself, your business, your clients and your computer at all times.

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