Fast Company is reporting that Internet-phone service Skype has announced Click & Call, its first foray into advertising. And with more than 560 million registered users worldwide, the new service is almost guaranteed to be a success.

Click & Call enables customers to call certain phone numbers for free that are sponsored by advertisers. “[It] works simply by allowing participating advertisers to have their phone number highlighted with a blue Free Call button anywhere online that their numbers are displayed,” wrote Andy Sims, the head of Skype’s global advertising, on the company’s blog. “When the button is clicked, the Skype software launches and the call is connected–at no cost to the caller.”

Obviously, the benefit here for advertisers is that it will create greater ease-of-access for consumers, who for whatever reason might not have dialed in or are plain-old too lazy to punch in the numbers on their phones.

This free in-browser call support really gives them no excuse, and makes company contact only a click away. Imagine, for example, if you searched on Google for a pizza shop nearby. If both Domino’s and Papa John’s pop up, but only the latter has the blue Free Call button next to it, which are you more likely to dial?

Photo by Skype.