Clicking With Your Customers


In business we all know that clicking with our customers is the ultimate key. It’s the key to getting them to come back more then once as well as getting them to refer our company to their friends and family and also giving good reviews. So how exactly do you know how to click with your customers? Below are some tips that i recently came across in an article on

When writing up content, blogs, newsletters and press releases on your website, be sure to include links for your customers to click on. These links can take them to your biography, sales updates ad more.

Always pay attention to what your customers are clicking on to begin with, this will give you a much better idea of the direction you need to go with them. Take a look at what pages and websites they are visiting most often, what links are most intriguing and receive the most visits.

Now that you know what clicks, follow up. A click is no accident; it’s a deliberate action on the consumer’s part. Now it’s up to you and your sales team to follow up on that expression of interest. You can do that with a phone call or an e-mail that says, “We’re following up on our recent e-mail. Can we interest you in more information about our [service, product, event, charitable cause, etc.]?” Note: It’s best not to tell customers that you’re tracking their actions in your e-mail reports. If feels a little creepy to be watched.

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