It’s All Pizza And Car Sales For Young Entrepreneur

The next generation of young social-preneurs may rely on more young innovators like Joey Ronca reports the Cleveland Daily Banner.

Although Ronca currently works with his father in their family-owned Italian Bistro, the soft-spoken Italian said his plans are to broaden his economic horizons as a young leader of the social enterprise movement.

“I’m currently in the process of opening a car lot in Cleveland called Big Wheel City, in September,” said Ronca. “I’ve always loved cars and have a real passion for them.”

According to Ronca, used vehicles have a much higher demand in today’s market in view of the economy and the enormous recall of certain later models cars. Not only is Ronca venturing out into the automobile dealership industry, but the co-owner of Papa’s Italian Bistro said he takes an active interest in the lives of others to promote social change as well.

“I’d like people to think of me as a devoted family man who looks out for everybody,” said Ronca. “I consider myself a people person who enjoys helping others. I feel the Lord is blessing me in my life and my marriage.”

Ronca said he believes his generation will do a better job with the economy and in bringing social change than the current generation, and will do his part to prove it.

“We’re more susceptible to change, but the people who are currently in office are approaching things as if to say, ‘This is our way. We’re not doing it your way,’” Ronca said. “And it’s been going on for a while. Personally, I think they need new people in there.”

Photo by aldenjewell

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