Winning Press Releases


Open Forum:

When you’re a small business owner looking to get your company’s message out, perhaps the last thing you’re thinking about is the actual writing of a press release. If your business is not ready to hire a publicist, much less a strategic PR team, then the person who will be writing that press release is probably going to be you.

First thing you need to do when writing your own press release is make sure that you completely understand the format. Using the wrong format and be a very detrimental situation to your press release, it can make or break your press release.

After having the format down, you’ll want to make sure that the content within your press release is kept short, sweet and to the point. Rambling on and on and packing way too much information into a small space will only cause frustration for your readers as well as confusion on your message.

In the end be sure that your press release is readily available on more then one option. Instead of just offering this press release in say the newspaper, you’ll want to offer other viewing options such as a flyer, online release and maybe even the local radio station.

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