Often times when owning your own business it becomes clear that you are bringing in a ton of money/profit, but you are not able to hold onto as much of that profit as you hoped you would. Why is that? Well, this happens for a number of reasons. Look below for some possible reasons and solutions on loosing more profit then you would like.


Plan, Produce, Protect. Many people, women especially, don’t plan for a major financial setback. It’s never a pleasant prospect to think about, let alone be prepared for. But it happens every day. Some women lose half of their marital assets when a divorce is final, others get sued when a business venture goes wrong or for any number of reasons. Planning ahead can save you hundreds of thousands–maybe even millions–of dollars. The key is to make a plan before issues arise.

Always remember at the end of the day to protect yourself as much as you an. That is a huge mistake that many business owners especially that of women make, they run too much on emotion and trust, they don’t protect themselves as much as they should and end up getting burned in the process, so make sure that you have all of the proper and needed legal documents.