Money Is Available

In a recent article located on Bizbox it was stated that there is money becoming available for small businesses out there more and more each day. This is due to a number of reasons:

  1. Small businesses are realizing that we are coming out of a huge recession and therefore there are not as many companies searching for loans and debt relief so banks are becoming a little more generous.
  2. Some states are already doing much better (recession wise) then others and therefore are lending out money again to their small businesses.
  3. The SBLF bill enables financial institutions with $10 billion or less to cut down capital and lend out money to small businesses in their community.
  4. Fees are being reduced on loans thus making it more obtainable for companies to seek a loan or debt relief plan.

“The small business credit issue is multi-faceted,”. “There isn’t a black and white answer to getting credit flowing to small businesses that are seeking credit. It’s also regional issue. Some states are doing better than others.”

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