Niche Biz: Upscale PortaPottys

If you were a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, you didn’t poop in just any porta-potty. Oh no, you pooped in one of these: A porcelain toilet that flushes, with a stereo and hot water, reports Gizmodo.

Founded in 2006, Pretty Pottys provide elegant restrooms for any occasion, from the corporate awards ceremony that lasts two hours to the business remodel that is expected to take six months. Our restroom units are able to accommodate anywhere from 30 to 2000 guests at your event.

Potties Features:

* Upscale decorative lighting
* Auto-Flush and waterless urinals
* Vanity Counter
* Vanities with large mirrors
* Hand Soap
* Air conditioning/heating
* Porcelain Flushable Toilets
* Running Water
* LED Occupied and Vacant Lights
* Lighting on the Outside
* Spacious and Comfortable
* Granite Countertops
* Skylights
* Choice of background music
* Cherry wood throughout

The cost of the Pretty Pottys at Chelsea’s wedding? $15,000. That’s a lot of toilet paper.

Photo by Pretty Pottys.

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