According to some enterprising chap in New York has turned a simple plastic food replica into a potential money maker.

The Seat Savers concept comes from a simple idea. People won’t disturb or use a chair with a spilled beverage or foodstuff on it.

Martin Freedman, the Regional Sales Manager of “Seat Savers” outside the Prada store in SoHo, explained that “Seat Savers” were helpful items that keep your seat for you until you return.

Some options included spilled Dunkin Donuts coffee, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, nail polish, Chinese food or Hot Sauce. Their slogan? “Just put one on your seat & it will be waiting for you when you return.”

The original products come from the Silly Spills range of plastic replica foods sold at New York’s Jeremy’s Place, and are converted by the simple addition of a marketing sign saying ‘Seat Savers’ and a price tag of $2.00 each. See how easy it is? What a marvelous world.

Photo by Seat Savers.