Be A Job Prize Hunter

Jobprize allows job seekers to offer a “prize” to in-the-know employees to refer them to and help them land a job, reports

Anyone can go to the website and post a profile about his or her background. What makes this different from other job search sites? Job seekers pay a prize to employees in companies with openings that match their profiles.

The prize amount is to land them the interview and is only paid if the job seeker gets a job. It adds a twist to the job search. Because most jobs are gained through referrals, everyone that works for someone is a “Job Prize Hunter”.

What it means: If I see a profile that matches an opening in my company, I can contact the job seeker, get his/her information/resume and send it to the recruiter in my company. If they get the job, I get the prize they were offering to someone to find them the job.

Photo by Job Prize.

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