Chicago-Based Firestorm(R) Franchisee Brings Timely Compliance Expertise


Healthcare reform, financial reform and Public Law 110-53 (PS-Prep) — all are recent government regulations that will create compliance issues for the majority of U.S. businesses.

As the 10th and most recent Firestorm® franchisee, Dave Flora is in position to utilize his expertise in helping companies faced with these new regulations reach and maintain compliance. Flora, of Chicago, has more than 20 years experience in compliance issues, designing and improving supply chain logistics and mission-critical transactional document production, B2B marketing, business development and product lifecycle management.

“Any flaw that delays a compliance-driven process can result not only in hard-dollar costs in inefficiency, penalties or fines, but also in harder to recognize soft-dollar costs to an organization — such as damage to reputation — be it a Fortune 100 company, government agency or financial services organization,” Flora said.

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