If At First You Don’t Succeed…

As Mario Jurcic gives business a second try, no one has to tell him to remain humble reports The News-Herald.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur loves to talk about his year-and-a-half-old business, SECURE IT Asset Disposition Services, but he doesn’t mind talking about the operation he shut down before that, ESCRAPOHIO. The newer Mentor company isn’t that different from the previous one, in that metals from computers and other electronics are still recycled for use in other commodities. The difference lies in the emphasis on data security and the proper disposal of data, as well as machinery.

Though there are more clients and employees this time around, Jurcic isn’t afraid to recall the path he traveled and what did not work in his favor with ESCRAP. He is now more focused on branding and thankful that clients and the general public are more serious about data protection.

What’s working differently for you now?

I think a lot of it comes down to branding, and I think with the economy, as well as what’s going on in the IT world, in terms of data security, it’s now become more mainstream. Before, I spent a lot of time educating clients about the risks and dangers. Everyone knows that it’s really expensive to educate customers, and I couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, I stuck to my guns and people who I spoke to two years ago are coming back saying, “Hey, I remember you telling us about this,” or “Hey, I saw this on ‘60 Minutes,’ I can’t believe this is going on.” The re-branding, coupled with a lot of continued personal growth, in terms of professional development, sales, reading books on management and leadership, not to mention having some great leadership around me. A lot has changed.

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