Ever since high school Cynthia Saatkamp has known what she wanted to do and that was advertising reports The Commercial Appeal.

At first, she wanted to become a designer, but then she changed her mind.

“I realized it was the psychology behind the creative that really made my heart sing and my wheels turn — how the power of a single word, color or photo used just at the right time can influence someone to take a desired action. That’s pretty amazing,” she says.

In college, Saatkamp studied marketing with a minor in design, and she topped her studies with an MBA from the University of Memphis. She worked at several advertising agencies until the time came when she wanted to start her own.

Six years ago, she and her business partner, Kelley Morice, opened Hemline Creative Marketing, a strategy-driven boutique agency that targets women and allows its employees the flexibility they need to spend time with their own families.

Saatkamp, the mom of 4-year-old twins Bronwyn and Jackson, and her staff sometimes bring their children to the office. There’s also a doggie bed for employees’ pets. It’s a yin-and-yang atmosphere, Saatkamp said about their office space, filled with natural light and music but with a secluded area for those who need quiet time.

Screenshot from Hemline