Recycling Unwanted Glass Into Household Products

Joe Larter has proven his green credentials by setting up a recycling business using unwanted glass to craft various products reports Advertiser 24.

Mr Larter’s latest venture sees bottles of unusual shapes and colours melted down and crafted by slumper Laurence King into useful household items such as dishes or cutting broads.

He came up with the idea after he saw a similar process on a business trip to America.

The items are created in a kiln in a slumping studio, which can be viewed by the public.

They can be purchased from the 2nd Time Around craft area in the Courtyard in Main Cross Road.

Mr Larter, who used to own Pleasurewood Hills, said: “It is a wonderful way to recycle glass bottles.

“By purchasing one, you can be environmentally-friendly and enjoy a very attractive item which is also very useful.”

Photo by RBerteig

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