Hallmark, Meet Malemark

Malemark.com has launched, with the goal of offering men greeting cards from a male perspective.

AppScout reports there are no syrupy poems here or pastel shades, just things men can relate to. Mostly apologies.

Men love the simplicity of the messages, says the site’s founders, and women appreciate the honesty. The average card price is $1.99, which is pleasantly inexpensive, and cards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based environmentally-friendly inks. Who knew real men cared about such things?

The only problem with the site is that men aren’t going to have time to wait for an apology card to be shipped to them when they really need it.

Perhaps the site should sell a variety pack of apologies, so that men can have several styles on-hand for when they’re needed.

Photo by Malemark.

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