At any age, the right hair clip or headband can really made a statement. My Little Diva Accessories is helping our daughters stand out from the crowd with their line of flowery bows. With a variety of styles and colors they have a little something for every girl.

Little Diva is the brain child of Teana McDonald, the mom of an 18 month old daughter. After she was born, even though Teana would have her wrapped in various shades of pink, strangers would comment on how cute “he” was. Frustrated by their reaction she set out to do something about it. After a few trips to the store for hair accessories and a little ingenuity, she soon created her first prototype and a business.

Tell us a little about My Little Diva Accessories.

Our goal is to provide fashionable hair accessories to all the little diva’s around the world. “No girl shall go without fashionable hair flair “is our motto. My Little Diva Accessories’ unique and captivating style has become a part of everyday fashion for so many little girls. My Little Diva Accessories is committed to building a brand that personifies a unique lifestyle accompanied with the fun and flirty trends of today’s fashion scene. My Little Diva Accessories have become a staple piece of many little girl’s wardrobes. We are setting our sites high and working on expanding the brand and becoming the premier designer for fashion-forward hair accessories.

What inspired it?

After I had my daughter (now 18 months), I was so tired of pushing her around in public (covered in all shades of the color pink) and people saying’ “Ohhhh he’s so cute!” Shortly after, I made a vow that she would NEVER leave the house without some sort of hair accessory in her hair. After a few trips to the store, my prototype was created, and My Little Diva Accessories was born.

How many different styles and sizes do you offer?

My Little Diva Accessories offers several different styles of hair accessories that consist of clippies, ponytail holders and full and partial headbands. We design our pieces for infants all the way to age 12 (tweens). The idea is to create a hair accessory for the little diva that likes to change and match her outfits several times throughout the day.. Or for the moms that want to have a new look with each outfit .. At times we do the occasional custom pieces for special events and have designed some adult (Mommy and Me) pieces as well.

What are some of your most popular products?

Our most popular products are the full floral headbands. These seem to be a hit with the mom’s and their little diva’s. They are durable, easy to clean and come in an array of colors, sizes, and floral choices.

What separates you from the competition?

Although there are quite a few of companies in the market that are similar to ours. My Little Diva Accessories offers you an experience, not just a product. We use unique styles, fabrics, flowers, and colors to ensure that we set ourselves apart and fill an exclusive void in the world of hair accessories. We allow our clients to ‘create their own’ accessories if they are looking for something different than what we offer. Our attention to detail, custom pieces, and overall customer service provide our clients with the ultimate experience.. which keeps them loyal, honest, and coming back for more. As a Mompreneur, I created this product to fill a personal need.. and that is how I market my products.

Do you have any new accessory designs in the works? Care to give us a hint at what we can expect?

Yes, we do! Without spoiling the surprise.. we are launching our Fall (Back to School) line on 8/16. From the classroom to a play date, this fabulous line of hair accessories exudes elegance, playfulness, and provides the overall cute factor for all little diva’s. We are having our photo shoot this weekend and I promise it will be DIVALICIOUS! Stay tuned for updates on our FB Fan page.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

My biggest is goal is to launch my foundation called We just purchased this domain, and we are working on the website while in talks with the Miami Children’s Hospital and Dayton, Ohio’s Children hospital. We would like to donate pink flower headbands to little diva’s that have lost their hair as a result of various treatments. Also, I’d like to become the premier go to girl for fabulous hair flair in my industry. We are working on building our boutique business and would like to be in a total of 8 stores by the end of the year.

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

Wow, great question! Here we go:

· Seek help and advice- hire a business coach that you like and can leverage their experiences to help you through yours

· Network, network, network- building relationships in the industry and in the community are vital to the growth of your business

· Social networking is a must! — This world has become wrapped up around the Social Networking bubble, it’s vital to your business that you jump on board and get involved

· You can’t be everything to everyone- focus on your target market (niche) and build on it.. once you are successful with one niche then explore the possibilities of expansion

· Believe it to achieve it! Believe in your product and you can’t fail

· Follow your passion and the success will come

What do you like the most about being an entrepreneur? The least?

The most- I am following my passion and my dream! The least- the fear of competition and defeat BUT I would rather die trying then wonder what if.

Any advice you’d like to offer fellow mompreneurs that are just getting started?

· Follow your dreams

· Solve for a need

· Hire a coach or mentor

· Don’t quit your day job until you can afford to

· Have a great support system (family and friends will work for free and will always support you)