Hundreds of business owners and marketing professionals around the world joined WSI, the world’s #1 digital marketing franchise, for an online training session this week to expand their knowledge on local search marketing strategies. The webinar, which was hosted by Thomas W. Petty, a WSI Consultant and Search Marketing Expert based in California, USA, was aimed at offering business owners easy-to-implement tactics for local search optimization. Some of the topics discussed include: the use of business mapping applications, leveraging online business databases, how to get listed online without a website and mobile local search strategies.

Thomas Petty, WSI Consultant and webinar presenter, says, “Small businesses are the lifeblood of countries all over the world. For the business owner, it has never been more important to be found in their local town, city or region by people who are already looking for them. Over 60% of us prefer to do business with a local company in our own neighborhood. This includes all kinds of ‘wallet-ready’ businesses, such as auto repair shops, electricians, hair salons, attorneys, restaurants and so on. The search engines are a rich source of free leads to a smart business owner’s front door, and they provide many free or inexpensive ways to get ahead of your competition on the next block. In this presentation, I discussed several opportunities that are available today for businesses to expand their local market reach.”