Simple Invention: The Clumsee

According to the Chicago ABC7 News website, 89-year-old Al Roth was inspired to invent the Clumsee after finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto his digital camera.

The Clumsee is a handle extension for small digital cameras. The device screws into bottom of any point-and-shoot digital camera, allowing the camera user an easier grip than the small camera itself. It fits on all models of digital cameras to provide extra grip stability and maneuverability.

Roth is a World War II U.S. Navy veteran as well as a retired sales representative and professional photographer. He still enjoys taking pictures of his friends and family — including nine grandchildren.

The invention of the Clumsee was a family affair for Roth, who collaborated with a family member who owns a tool and dye company to develop the Clumsee prototype.

Photo by Clumsee website.

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