September 2010

Franchising Group Sees Tighter Competition

‎BusinessWorld Online: A Singapore-based franchising group sees tighter competition among regional brands in the next few years as Southeast Asian countries integrate into a single consumer market. The Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA) pointed to a jump in Asian participants for next month’s international exhibition on entrepreneurship, business opportunities, and intellectual property rights. Francis Kong,

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Don’t Bank On Self-Employment

If the news is any indicator then entrepreneurship among people under 18 is on the rise. However, The Independent feels that it is all a little premature. The benefits of youth entrepreneurship are obvious. However, the notion of entrepreneurship being the key to solving the youth employment crisis is certainly exaggerated. Indeed, there are at

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Biz Tool: TeuxDeux

If you’re a `To-Do List’ kind of person, Forbes magazine suggests you should definitely check out It’s a cute play on French words which when pronounced properly sound like To-Do. It’s amazingly uncomplicated so you don’t need spend your time figuring out how to use the features. You just get stuff done instead. TeuxDeux

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20 Under 20

According to Vator News, Facebook-backer and PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, is offering teens $100,000 to put school on hold to focus on developing innovative tech ideas. Thiel announced his new “20 Under 20” program, which will award grants of $100,000 to 20 entrepreneurs under the age of 20 for developing interesting new tech business ideas.

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