Tips Mark Hughes Gave To Blake Morgan

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Mark Hughes started Herbalife International when he was only 23 years old; he was a young entrepreneur with vision, determination and stamina. Selling nutritional powder in plastic bags from the booth of his car did not make him rich, but once the first people started to join him, his international business started to build.

Through the years he inspired millions of people with his simple but effective ways of thinking. He revolutionalized the way MLM and Direct Sales works and has helped many to reach success. One of the young people he inspired was a university student from Canada called Blake Morgan, Blake made his first US$100.000 with Herbalife when he was only 19 years old.

1 – Have blind faith in the company you are working with

2 – Write down 10 goals you want to establish in the next twelve months

3 – Don’t sell any products for the price, but for their value

4 – Care more about your customers and their product results, then about the money you make

5 – Stay focused

Note: How can you use these tips (and the other 8 on the original article) to improve your MLM business?

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