PR Fire:

So what is AshMax? If you are skeptical about the arrival of yet another marketing system then you are not alone – so was Owen Cooper.

I met up with Owen, a seasoned online marketer, to discuss the AshMax system. “Initially I did not give AshMax a second glance when I was first introduced to the system.” admits Owen.

However, Owen quickly changed his opinion after doing the necessary due diligence. Owen found that the AshMax system is well constructed and has managed to overcome all the normal MLM flaws which doom many systems to the online junk heap.

“AshMax is unlike anything I have come across in the online marketing world. It is so simple, I am amazed that a similar system hasn’t come along sooner!” exclaimed Owen.

Owen went on the explain “AshMax members are given 20 days to sign up 5 new members, at a monthly cost of $25. Those who struggle to fill the downline are filled from my AshMax team overspill which come from the publicity being generated by this incredible system. After 100 days, AshMax team members receive a monthly payout of $22,300 per month for life! Unlike so many other systems, AshMax cannot collapse because of the forced 5 x 5 matrix.”

Owen said “I have been around for awhile and certainly took my time with this one, however, I do genuinely think that this has a good chance to change many, many peoples lives for good. Ashmax is perfectly legal and so simple.”

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