While on a trip to India when Jaswinder Salh was a teenager, she swore to herself that someday she’d have a job that would make a positive difference in the world. It is now two decades later and Jaswinder has kept that promise reports TheStar.com.

She’s the founder of Keep Leaf, a Toronto-based company known for its stylish, eco-friendly reusable bags, napkins and other green products. “The goal of Keep Leaf is to show there are simple and easy ways to go green,” Salh says.

Salh launched Keep Leaf with two products. The Shopper is a polyester reusable shopping bag, which conveniently folds up into a small pouch. It comes in a variety of solid colours from navy to pink and retails for $6.95.

The Produce Bag, used for storing fruits, vegetables and bulk items, comes in mesh and solid weave fabrics, two different sizes and either polyester or cotton. A set of four cotton produce bags costs $16.95.

Early on, Salh turned to her contacts in the retail and fashion industry for feedback, which helped shaped the brand. She ensured Keep Leaf products had streamlined packaging and stylish display options. “In order for consumers to choose reusable over the convenience of disposable, the reusable product must entice with more than just its green credentials,” Salh says.

Keep Leaf isn’t just an Ontario success story. Last November, Salh hired a sales agency to take the line across the country. Keep Leaf’s products can now be found in more than 100 stores from Victoria to Halifax.

Photo from Keep Leaf