How’s this for a business idea? One family is selling t-shirts that read Stop Spending MY Money.

I asked the mom, Kathy Conforti, where the idea came from:

Hi. So good to hear back from you. The idea believe it or not came from my oldest son Richard who is 14! We were all watching the news one night about how the much in debt this country really is and it started a two hour long conversation with my husband, four boys and myself. My oldest son is really concerned about his future and he came up with this idea to have these shirts made as a way for children to express themselves to others. So we got them made up for ourselves and our four boys and wore them in Busch Gardens on our vacation and were so surprised at how many people approached us and actually feel the same way and actually wanted to know where to get the shirts. So when we got home we began our campaign on selling these shirts.

Their website is

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