The Race To Launch L-A, Maine

Lewiston-Auburn, Maine has begun the race to find a young entrepreneur. Not just anyone, though. They are on the lookout for someone with a connection to their community that is interested in building there.

There are a few catches, of course: you have to be willing to locate that business in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine’s second largest community. This community has come a long way since you knew it five or ten years ago, and we want the world to know we’re throwing the doors wide open to young, creative entrepreneurs like you.

You also need to complete a registration form (which is somewhat detailed, considering $100,000 is at stake) including your connection to L-A. Did you live here at one time? Attend one of our colleges or universities? Were you born at one of our world-class hospitals? Were you on a temporary business assignment here with one of our major employers? There are a few other eligibility criteria as well. Then get detailed, get excited, and get creative, and ENTER!!

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