Tossed®, home of garden fresh salads, crepe wraps and sandwiches, today announced its lineup of wheat-free and gluten-free menu suggestions for customers. Consisting of over a dozen fresh, healthy salads including all three of Tossed’s Signature Salads, Tossed’s gluten-free menu provides a welcome and diverse alternative for diners who suffer from gluten sensitivity, including those with celiac disease or wheat allergies*.

A growing number of Americans are avoiding gluten, the protein in wheat, rye and barley, because of an allergy or sensitivity. According to research studies, one in every 100 to 200 Americans is sensitive to gluten. Many of those with gluten sensitivity suffer from celiac disease, a life-long condition that causes an abnormal auto-immune response in the digestive tract to products containing gluten. In addition to severe gastric distress, celiac disease can stunt growth and weight gain in children; both adults and children with the disease carry a higher than average risk of lymphoma and other forms of cancer.