Vets Seek Help On State Contracts

The Coraopolis, Pa.-based National Veteran-Owned Business Association believes New Jersey should join nearly a dozen other states in the union and set aside 3 percent of all funds offered through state contracts for veteran-owned businesses.

And, not surprisingly, some Shore-area vets who own businesses agree.

The organization even has a term for these business owners – vetrepreneurs – and a magazine dedicated to them.

Giving veterans a small advantage in the highly competitive state contract market is the right thing to do, said Matthew Pavelek, managing editor of the organization’s Vetrepreneur magazine.

“If any small, diverse business groups deserve a break or any type of advantage as far as government contracting, it’s the veteran-owned businesses, especially service-disabled vets,” he said.

Pavelek noted that some states offer incentives and set-asides for women- and minority-owned businesses – with which he agrees – but noted that “the government doesn’t make women and the government doesn’t make minorities. But the government does make veterans.”

Photo by MarineCorps NewYork

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