According to PR Newsire, a Long Island special education teacher has revolutionized big-league play-calling with BoomGuard, a brilliantly simple device that shields coaches’ mouths from potential lip-readers.

Inventor Ramone Ward remembers the autumn Sunday in 2005 when it came to him: for all those NFL coaches holding laminated play cards over their mouths and running from cameras to protect their secrets, there had to be a better way. “Someone was going to make a lot of money,” he says. “And I decided that was going to be me.”

Less than five years later, Ward’s award-winning BoomGuard device is building a steady following in multiple professional and high school sports, including auto racing and football.

BoomGuard is constructed from a durable and flexible plastic called elastomer. It comes in a variety of colors and affixes to virtually any communications headset with a Universal Belt Attachment. The device won the Telecommunications Category silver medal at the 2008 INPEX Invention Convention, the country’s largest annual invention exposition, and has even provided a benefit its inventor didn’t initially intend: advertising.

Photo by Boomguard.

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