Tech-Savvy Tailgating

With the second week of the NFL season just days away, The Cleveland Plain Dealer takes a look at some of the products available for the 21st century tailgater.

Drill Blender
You normally don’t have a blender in your truck, but you might have a cordless drill. That’s all you need to enter margarita and daiquiri heaven — if you have one of these gadgets.

Drinking Buddy Shirt
Real tailgaters know you need both hands at all times, to eat, play catch, text friends and man the grill — all at the same time. That’s why they’ll be wearing this shirt, which features a roomy, fully insulated breast pocket to store your bottle where it belongs — close to your heart.

Mobile Tiki Bar
It’s the trump card, the jack of hearts, the joker, in any tailgate discussion. Three words: “mobile tiki bar.” Say them, and all must bow in respect. Fits in any car trunk and sets up in less than 10 minutes. Show up in a parking lot with one and you might never again sleep alone.

The Tailgater
Your fellow partyers will wonder what the heck this thing is. No, it’s not a gas can or a beer funnel (yikes) or even a trophy. Not even close. The top comes off, revealing a . . . um, . . . er . . . “a personal portable urinal for tailgaters.” Includes a cardboard “cabana” for privacy.

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