A supportive spouse or life partner is essential in any endeavour, especially in a franchise or independent small business.

However, such support is not always unconditional, and franchisors often find that the type of support provided by a franchisee’s spouse may strongly influence whether the franchise relationship will be positive or negative.

In this regard, franchisors (and franchisees for that matter) should understand how a spouse can be an ally or an enemy in the franchise relationship.

Pre-purchase involvement
Many spouses (and for the balance of this article the word spouse will also be used to represent life partners) will generally be involved in the decision-making process to go into self-employment via franchising.

In most cases the decision to buy a business (franchised or otherwise) will be a joint decision, but often the process is triggered when one of the couple becomes dissatisfied with their career, is made redundant or quits their job, or seeks a change of pace and/or lifestyle. Read full article.