Busy Breathers Mompreneur Wins Grant

Born out of need, like many inventions are, Michelle Staley’s product has just won a $15,000 Kimberly-Clark`s Huggies MomInspired grant reports The Fort Morgan Times.

By demonstrating her unique child care product to make life easier for moms and dads, Staley became one of 12 entrepreneurial moms to receive grants in the first year of this new program, said Stephanie Aenchbacher, public information representative.

Launched last April, the program was created to provide the resources and seed capital for moms to make their business ideas successful or to take them to the next level of success, she said.

Staley was the creator of the Busy Breathers backpack, a bag which allows parents of children who need oxygen to carry oxygen bottles and equipment conveniently, while also offering them storage space for the other items they need when out of the house with a baby.

She came up with the idea when her own newborn child needed oxygen and she struggled with carrying all the baby items along with the oxygen tank, Staley said.

This bag is also useful for other people who lead busy lives, but who must carry oxygen for their own use, she said.

Her particular invention offers a way to secure the tank within the backpack, view the contents of the oxygen tank and sling the bag over the back for easy carrying.

Image from Busy Breathers

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