Here’s the deal: I flat out have a crazy man-crush on the PopUp Domination WordPress Plugin. I resisted pop-ups for a long time on my blog because, frankly they used to make me mad on other sites.

What I didn’t really think about is that the pop-ups only made me mad when they weren’t relevant to the subject that I was reading about.  If the offer was good and on point, I found myself opting in so that I didn’t miss out on the offer.

Well, a few weeks ago, I began experimenting with PopUp Domination at and over at and my experience has been crazy. I have seen a huge increase in opt ins to my list, (30-40 leads a day from blogging alone!).  This is really the missing link that folks have been looking for and might make all of the difference in the world for someone who has less traffic but still wants to get a few opt ins to their list.

Getting some traffic on your blog, but no opt ins?  Check out PopUp Domination as a potential solution.