It’s odd how ideas just seem to formulate out of nowhere. For example, Maria Bailey was inspired to create her best-selling barf bag when one of her children hunched over in church and began puking on the floor reports Sign On San Diego.

Now a marketing expert who specializes in the elusive mom customer, Bailey spoke to fellow “mompreneurs” during a recent San Diego conference aimed at enhancing the professional and personal lives of women in business.

The featured presenter was Bailey, a TV host and author of “The Ultimate Mom Book” (HCI Books, May 2009). She is chief executive of BSM Media, a full-service marketing and media firm based in Florida. The company’s client list includes Disney, Build-a-Bear Workshop and Dell.

A few lessons from her talk:

– Write down your business plan for making money – even if it’s just a scribble on a cocktail napkin. Often, moms are so driven by passion that they don’t think they need to write down their business plan.

– Don’t be overly secretive with your business ideas. You’ll need to share them with others to find partners and get feedback and support. “There are always going to be people out there who are copycats,” Bailey said, “but nobody can copy your passion.”

Screenshot from Marketing to Moms