If you’re a `To-Do List’ kind of person, Forbes magazine suggests you should definitely check out TeuxDeux.com. It’s a cute play on French words which when pronounced properly sound like To-Do.

It’s amazingly uncomplicated so you don’t need spend your time figuring out how to use the features. You just get stuff done instead.

TeuxDeux is completely free and simple to use. You just add your item to a list, and check it off when you’re done. All of your unfinished tasks automatically move over to the next day’s list.

This soon starts to show you what you’re consistently putting off, which probably goes to show you either suck at doing the really important tasks, or it’s not a priority at all so you can delete it.

I like the “someday” area for tasks that you want to remember, but don’t yet have timeline for. Kind of like your `Bucket List’ of cool things to do but that aren’t important right now.

Photo by TeuxDeux.

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