Kristen Brown is very familiar with plastic bags. She has been packing them and dealing with them since she was 15 years old reports

“I have some experience in that, because my father invented the first plastic grocery bag in 1977,” Brown said.

Now in her professional life she works with the Environmental Protection Agency on reducing waste.

She’s watched as shoppers habits changed from using her dad’s plastic bags to relying more on re-usable canvas bags. However, she thought some lacked a certain functionality.

“They were too floppy or too small,” Brown said.

That’s why she created a four-bag set she calls My ECO Shopping Bag System. The largest bag acts as a carrier for three additional bags. Each has a purpose. One is for large items and boxes, another holds produce, a third is for keeping cold items cold, and the smallest bag is specially designed for glass bottles.

Photos from MY ECO

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