Learning Math Scrabble Style

In the ’80s Tom Lennett was looking for a fun way to help his daughter learn math. He looked at different games but couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for. Instead of giving up his search, Tom created a game of his own. The Scrabble-like math game is starting to catch on in Finland and he’s looking to find out why reports DailyRecord.co.uk.

Over the years he worked on ways to increase the fun factor and make it more challenging and finally marketed it last autumn.

Tom hopes a new generation of youngsters, plus mums and dads and adults who simply enjoy numbers will buy the game. It’s already on sale in a number of shops and can be obtained online.

Numenko had its official launch at Birmingham’s NEC in March and it was there Tom met Finnish education suppliers.

To his surprise, orders from Finland have made it his number one contract.

He said “I’ve since discovered Finnish children top the world league in maths skills.

“I thought I would visit schools in Finland to see what lessons I could learn to help me market Numenko more effectively back here so that our children get the benefit.”

Photo from Numenko

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